HSI professional hair straightener Review

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HSI professional hair straightener is the process of artificially silking, smoothing and straightening the hair. Many of us try to get our super curly hair under control Straight hair is also easy to manage. So long ago, I was in search of a better strainer I finally found it! The HSI PROFESSIONAL straighteners is the perfect straightener for all those hair care fantics .

HSI flat Iron is magic ! It comes with a glove, portable travelling case, and an argon oil bottle. It protects your hair from damage . The 1-inch plates thickness is perfect and enables it to easily glide through your hair .

HSI claims that this flat iron not only adorns your curly hair but also helps you to easily create salon style hair at home.

Evenly Distributes Heat

Eight micro-sensors with HeatBalance technology are used to evenly distribute heat, regulating the temperature so that you spend less time applying heat. As a result, it takes less time to straighten hair, preventing it from damage when styling.

The iron heats up quickly, and the temperature can be adjusted between 140-450°F, giving you total control in matching the heat to your hair type.

The tourmaline infusion reduces frizz by generating negative ions, and the ceramic is built for durability and lasting results. Plus, the floating plates give the flexibility to flip, curl or straighten your hair, all with a single iron.

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The main features of the HSI PROFESSIONAL straighthner are :

1) Glider Ceramic Flat
2) Iron
3) HSI Style Guide
4) 1 Year Warranty
5) Free Bonus: Argan Oil Treatment


  1. Ceramic plates are less harmful because they spread evenly throughout the surface
  2. The wire is also long enough to plug anywhere. This flat Iron cools down easily , so storing in the pouch is not a concern.

Factors to Follow When Using a Hair Straightener

  1. Use good conditioner before using strainer. Then wipe the hair with dry water.
  2. Allow the hair to cool down after straightening. Then apply a little serum on the entire hair. Finally use a hair spray to get the finish look of the parlor. Keeping some of these rules in mind, there will be hairstyles and health.
  3. Slowly move the strainer from top to bottom. Do not stop at any place. It would be wise to repeatedly not strait for too long in one place.

If you are like this product…..


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