NASA Orion launch Live stream

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NASA Orion launch live stream on youtube

NASA will test a critical safety element of the Orion spacecraft on Tuesday July 2, launching the module into the atmosphere on the back of a Northrop Grumman booster. The Ascent Abort-2 test (AA-2) is an important step in NASA plan return 2024 and is designed to validate Orion’s emergency abort system under high-stress aerodynamic conditions.

The NASA Orion launch crew module — which is actually a stand-in shaped and weighted like the real thing — will undergo a full-stress test of its “launch abort system,” or LAS, a series of three motors have designed to carry the module to safety should something go skew-eyed during a real rocket launch with astronauts aboard. It will be an uncrewed test designed to replicate a real launch, but it won’t be launched on top of the Space Launch System , NASA’s next-gen rocket, as is currently planned for lunar missions.

Instead, a Northrop Grumman-provided booster will be strapped to the bottom of the payload capacity fairing shaped like an upside-down golf tee. The crew module rest beneath the tee and once the fairing is jettisoned, it instantaneously accelerates away from the rocket booster, powering to 31,000 feet at around 1,000 mph. When it gets safely away from the rocket, the golf tee capsule emit the crew module and the test is over. All in all, the test should take approximately Three minutes, beginning just fifty five seconds after launching. 

NASA says this is “the only opportunity to test a fully active LAS during climb before flying crew,” highlighting the  gravity of the mission for future deep space exploration.

The launch will take place at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in florida united states, with a launch window opening at 4.00 a.m. PT on July 2 and residual open for four hours. The test itself will only last for about three minutes, with coverage set to start of approximately 20 minutes prior to launch.


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