Perfecting skin primer-NOTE Beauty


NOTE Beauty are the best primer. If you want to keep makeup all day long, before putting the “primer” you need to putting the foundation then you will see makeup takes a very nice look and makes a long lasting makeup.

This Note primer are best and Reasonable price.

Specialty NOTE Beauty – NOTE SKIN PERFECTING PRIMER are the first step in creating your perfect face. It is oil-free. Mattifiying primer which is filled skin holes and control the skin oil. The use of the skin becomes soft. It can easily be mixed with your skin. It works great to makeup lasting and It gives water resistant and smooth and silky textures. As a result perfecting skin primer-NOTE Beauty Skin Perfecting Primer is the first step in creating your Perfect Face. This mattifying formula instantly blurs flaws and minimizes the appearance of pores and helps control shine preparing your skin for makeup application

Original components of NOTE

  1. Aragon Oil: It has consequence retardant properties with strong antioxidants and helping to regenerate skin cells. Skin are makes it soft.
  2. Vitamin E: The most powerful known antioxidant Vitamin ‘E’ works as a shield for skin protection against free radicals. Works as a natural barrier against UV rays and toxins. Consequently vitamin E is fighting against harmful sun lamps.

Usage this: Face clean and use on moisturized skin. Primer can be fitted in the most simple way. No need to brush or sponge. Mix well by hand. Recommended to be used with maturing Extreme Wear Foundation for better results.

Suitable for skin type: NOTE Primer is a good primer for oily and mixed skin.

Benefits: Dramatically, small holes of the skin are filled. The skin gives special shiny sheen and control the skin all day long and smooth the skin for makeup and prepare the skin.

Difficulties: There is no problem with the quality of this. But note PRIMER’s pipe is hard to pump and it does not want to get out easily.


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